Creation Nation 2.0

The yearly lifez and Stylez celebration went down in Björnrike this spring.Thanks to all the hot riders that came out and made it happen.

Filming: Liam Mckinley, Hummpe, Gustav Cavallin, Martin Axell

Edit: Jens Nilsson

Photos: Mattias Larsson

Music: Crazy Train - Ozzy Osbourne

Kitboys - Quit my job

Ilyez - Rihanna ( Ivory remix ) Prod. Von Haartman
June 01, 2016 by Tall T Productions

The Bunch - FINITO° early trailer


Far Out ° Finess ° FINITO ° This is the early trailer for the last piece of the Trilogy.

Camera: Liam McKinley

Edit: Jens Nilsson

Supported by: TallT Productions Revision skis Atomic

February 03, 2015 by Tall T Productions

The Bunch - Vilan


We got mad love 4 you lindsey lohan. featuring jnilla, mange, and limpo. video by liam.
December 04, 2014 by Tall T Productions

The Bunch - Finess


We are TheBUNCH and you have finally arrived to our second full length film, Finess. This joint right here is one of the hottest blends of stylez, bends and presses ever. With out any requirements defining a whole new genre of skiing. We got a family of artists, skiers and producers put together. And by combining their talents and gifts developed way beyond our previous far out trips. We took the rarest ingredients, mixed them and fused it. And now we are giving it to you all so you can gain from it and use it Ofcourse we had to put our signature on it so you can't confuse it. @thebunchstagrams Riders: Magnus Granér Tobias Sedlacek Pär Hägglund Leo Björklund Lucas Stål Madison Linus Tornberg Erik Pousette Douglas Källsbo Sakarias Majander Maximilliam Smith Kieran McVeigh Jens Nilsson
November 12, 2014 by Tall T Productions

The Bunch - Finess Trailer


You want to see helishots with slow motion almost more crisp than real life? You want to see park jumps with edges so straight you can't tell if their even built by snow? You want to see lifestyle shots from expensive hotel rooms and places you really can't relate to? Then you've found the wroong Vimeo channel We are proud to present our first ever trailer for our second ever full length movie, Finess. We're always trying to keep it real, with HD on a level you can relate to, cuz we know.. Real recognize real! Movie premiering around the world on film festivals we probably wont win because of a lack of HD and steadycams but the skiing.. Realer than ever! Online release of the full movie will happen. When? Follow us on our social media channels to find out! @thebunchstagrams #bunchfiness Jens Nilsson Maximilliam Smith LSM Linus Tornberg Magnus Granér Erik Pousette Sakarias Majander Douglas Källsbo Leo Björklund Nils Gunnarsson Pär Hägglund Kieran McVeigh Tobias Sedlacek
September 12, 2014 by Tall T Productions



Edit from some Good Times in Colorado with some parkriding and also some urban B-shots in there aswell. Tune : Lets get it On - Smif n Wessun. Edited By Jens Nilsson Pump up the volume and Enjoy. Shout outs to Suboyben, Shout outs to Downey, Shout outs to Rendezvous squad, Shout outs to the Wafflehouse, Shout outs to TallTproductions, Shout outs to Dragon, Shout outs to the Great white shark,Shout outs to Willie Berms, Shout outs to 1000, Shout outs to MackePeyben,Shout outs to my old hoes,Shout outs to my new hoes, Shout outs to Smif n Wessun, Shout outs to Big Homies, Shout outs to SkellHell, Shout outs to fotwenny, Shout outs to the Vernissage, Shout outs to Gunshy Luke, Shout outs to Nejgen, Shout outs to Popa Seyb, Shout outs to Bängen, Shout outs to Jeyben, Shout outs to Mengele, Shout outs to Matti, Shout outs to Toyben,Shout outs to Nilla, Shout outs to Limposwe, Shout outs to Prinsimilliam Smith, Shout outs to PAR, Shout outs to Stuvsta Illest, etc.


April 23, 2013 by Tall T Productions